ABH001 - Auvie Sinclair - “Float!”



Click here to listen to a preview of Auvie Sinclair “Float!” EP.


Side A
01. Paint
02. Beam Me Up
03. 20.20
04. Stripes
05. Buzzinng

Side B
06. Float
07. Exhale
08. Shine
09. Tracers
10. Golden! (feat. Chi Chi)



Additional Production on Track 10 ‘Golden!’ by Eduardo Contreras

MASTERING: Quinn Jarvis-Holland (Studenets/Oligopolist Records)

ARTWORK: Mikey Smith (Photo), Luvjonez (Text/Graphics)

THANK YOU: Momma, Neesh, Derrick and Jonas (A Beat Happening), Eduardo, Darion, Brian, Quinn, Kipp (Thirsty City), Dom, Joel, Isaac, Dad, Hadley, Zack, MG Productions, Hayley, Lucas




Auvie Sinclair’s “Float!” EP represents what is most compelling about electronic music today: genre has no relevance, is no boundary. The EP weaves in and out of funk, boom bap, lo fi, and more experimental genres effortlessly, suggestive of the myriad of influences that “Float!” is referencing.

“All of this music: 70’s and 80’s funk, Parliament (Cosmic Slop), Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, Karriem Riggins, Dilla/Madlib of course, Actress, Zomby, Burial, Brainfeeder, Hyperdub … I’ve studied it and listened to it closely, and it all has influenced me in a huge way,” Mikey Smith (aka Auvie Sinclair) says.

Listen closely and you’ll hear how seamlessly the EP incorporates these influences to create a singular head-nod inducing vision. But this wasn’t an easy or isolated process. The EP is rooted in work and collaboration that has been going on since 2015, and can even be traced a previous Souncloud-only release “8:31.”

Creating and releasing “8:31” was cathartic for Mikey: “I went through a lot mentally, and I wasn’t really sure if I was or even wanted to move forward with certain things … I needed to reset as a person and had to find the love in making music again,” he says.

And this process of renewal and growth has led to “Float!” You can hear the straight-up joy in the tracks because instead of focusing on the technical aspects — something that can bog down creativity in electronic music production — Mikey focused in on his influences, the music in front of him, and the good memories associated with it. Thinking less and doing more, as he put it.