ABH002 - Vibra - “Delirium”



Click here to listen to a preview of Vibra “Delirium” EP.


Side A
1. Psychoanalysis (Intro)
2. Bible Papers
3. Glory Greens
4. Sewage Juice
5. Midpack Mike
6. Sauerkraut
7. Psychic Funk
8. Bliss

Side B
1. Hello Rain (Pdx Blues)
2. Geeked
3. No Secrets
4. Who We Are
5. Tea Break (Meditation)
6. The Trip
7. Void
8. Simulation Theory


PRODUCTION: Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Vibra (K. Richardson) @ Shanty Town Studios- Portland, OR

ARTWORK: Art Direction & Illustration by Kyle Richardson

THANK YOU: Many things had to be aligned in order for this project to even take place, so if you are reading this, thank you.




Vibra’s “Delirium” is textbook example of making lemonade out of lemons.

 “I got sick during a very stressful time period,” he says. And on top of all that, Vibra (real name Kyle Richardson) developed a peritonsillar abscess, an infection that grows near the tonsils.

“This pus-filled sack just kept growing, to the point that the back of my throat almost closed up,” he recalls. “I sounded like I had a potato in my mouth when I tried to talk.”

It was the most painful thing he had ever experienced. Swallowing felt like drinking glass, the pain led to three sleepless nights, and combined with the stresses of life he was already dealing with — they were the perfect ingredients to produce the very intentional and focused psychedelic influenced trip down beat head lane that resulted.

 “Being sick, the lack of sleep, combined with the stresses of life I was already dealing with birthed ‘Delirium’,” he says. “I was going crazy.”

To capture the feeling of a delirium, Vibra wanted to create a “psychedlic sounding project.” He dug through psychedelic rock, krautrock records, and watched a lot of ‘60s psychedelic films. Towards the end of the project, Vibra leaned harder on the spacey and trippy sounds he was hearing.

“I tuned my ear to look for more spacey and obscure samples,” he says. The result is a musically mature beat tape, one that doesn’t lean into cliches but pushes hard to be original, cohesive, and frankly, full of bangers.

“I want people to hear my stuff and be like, ‘that’s a Vibra beat’ without even knowing,” says Vibra.

Despite “Delirium” being his first official release, from the sound of it, Vibra is on his way to just that: Play his EP and you’ll know, that’s a Vibra beat.