A Beat Happening is an all-ages electronic/hip hop event, a YouTube channel, and record label.

A Beat Happening* started in mid 2017 as an all-ages, not-for-profit beat maker showcase hosted by Future Shock, a record store, art gallery, designer toy and apparel store located at 1914 E Burnside in Portland, Oregon. The YouTube channel soon followed as a place to  archive past performances.

Our intention for the event is to create a communal space dedicated to the growth of the Portland left-field beat, hip-hop, and DJ scene.

We are completely not-for-profit and volunteer run, dedicated to D.I.Y. principles and ideals. We are also dedicated to making our events a safe space for young people, women, and LGBTQIA, so please get with us if we should do better, and especially get with us if you are a young person, woman, and/or LGBTQIA who makes beats and/or DJs.

Hit us up here.

Who We Are

LuvJonez Music

Jonas is a instrumental producer and artist/illustrator who performs under the stage name Luvjonez. He has released several instrumental beat tapes available on Spotify and streaming services, as well as his website www.luvjonezmusic.com . When he's not working on music, you can find him at live shows, eating chocolate everything, and traveling the globe.

Derrick is the founder and co-runner of A Beat Happening. His first slab of wax was an emo record on white vinyl. He's since developed better taste in music. Check out his beats here: sembla.bandcamp.com. When he's not doing music-related stuff, you can find him eating vegan food, working at a non-profit, and chilling with his wife.