Tech Specs

If you have an upcoming show at A Beat Happening, please come prepared and check out the specs below:

Beat makers/producers/DJs:

Setup area
We are having performers set up on the counter, near the cashier area. Please let us know if you need more room. (You can kinda see it here: We are having performers go through the DJ mixer so RCA in only. Please bring the appropriate cables.

- 2 turntables (but bring your own needles)
- 4 channel Denon DN-x1500 mixer - (RCA in only)

Note: Please bring your own needles. The mixer is not Serato ready, so you will need to bring in your own Serato mixer (or whatever equipment you need).

Other Soundboard, if required:
Alesis Multimix 8 1.0 (8-channel mixer)
- 4 XLR ins
- 8 1/4 ins (2 are stereo L/R) 
- 1 RCA in/1 RCA out

Note: There is no aux input, so please bring an 1/4 inch adapter. If you have other needs, please let us know.

Live performance video recording:

We are recording beat performances and uploading them to our YouTube channel. Please let us know if that is an issue.

Note: If you use copyrighted material, we may not be able to upload your performance.