DAY 1 (June 22, 2019)

Brown Calculus - Sharing the same body in their past lives, Brown Calculus perform with melanated synergy. Keyboardist and beat maker, Andre Burgos, and singer/songwriter, Vaughn Kimmons, are Geminis, illuminating the sacredness of Black music, seeking to bring about community on Earth and beyond. They explore the soundscapes of the post-soul movement. Revealing the connection between complicated time signatures and Black divinity, with a cosmic sound that remains grounded.



Amenta Abioto is a singer, songwriter, producer from Memphis, TN. In her one-woman performance, she builds vocal and instrumental loops from synthesizers, drum machines, and guitar creating atmospheric textures. Weaved into syncopated rhythms and dichotomies of comedic proportions, Amenta surprises and tantalizes audiences with mind bending ideas while skipping vocally from soul-shaking gospel to smooth jazz. Amenta has released three projects and toured with The Blow, Secret Drum Band, Typhoon, and The Ghost Ease.




THE TOURI$T is a collective of multi talented artist ranging from photographers, musicians, and creatives.

“Gotta Keep Going Places”



Vibra (aka Kyle Richardson) is a Portland-based beat maker is making his mark on the Portland beat scene with his recent release “Delirium,” a heavy hitting psychedelic inspired beat tape. Originally influenced by The Heatmakerz, Just Blaze and Kanye West, he eventually discovered the underground side of hip hop: he cites Madlib, Dilla, and The Alchemist as some of the beat makers who he studies and is inspired by.



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Jason Undefined is a 21 year old multi media artist from Portland, Or. Known for his films, photos, and music he also heads a production company by the name of  "Room 396". Last summer he released his debut LP "BLAKELLIOT".



Sir Nai (Nainoa Slaughter) is a dj/producer born and raised in NE Portland. He creates Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Alternative music. "I've recently come out of my reclusive shell through music. I love the way music brings people together allows us to express ourselves."




Cheyne Queezy and See the King are sharing the stage once more. With a nod to the legends, and an ear to the current state of Hip Hop, Cheyne crafts music that circles the spectrum of his influences within, and beyond music. See the King is a Portland-based beatmaker and artist who regularly performs at beat events such as Sunday Chill and Sketchy Beats.
Cheyne Queezy: MUSIC | See The King WEBSITE


Everyday Mixtapes FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM


DJ Black Daria is a selector of R&B, hip hop, funk, Afro Caribbean and Latinx sounds. She is a co-host and event promoter for XRAY.FM’s Everyday Mixtapes with DJ Shi Shi and is a member of the Noche Libre DJ collective. She draws inspiration from her Black and Mexican roots, curating a blend of throwbacks, reworks and bass-heavy classics in PDX and beyond.


Shi Shi is a DJ based in Portland, OR and a co-host and event producer for XRAY.FM’s Everyday Mixtapes with DJ Black Daria. She plays music to get people dancing and is a selector of R&B, hip hop and global music. She also loves to play avant pop with elements of funk and soul, like Grace Jones and Prince. She doubles as a teacher and likes to explore the intersection of youth advocacy, media, and music with her students.

DAY 2 (June 23, 2019)



Fountaine is a North East Portland native and anime lover, a well-rounded artist and producer that leads people into a sense of personal freedom through knowledge of self and openness. His music is filled with exciting mantras and witty punchlines mediated through smooth lyrics and variant production techniques.


photo by  Joshua Le

photo by Joshua Le

Omari Jazz Omari Jazz is an electronic artist who weaves sentient poly-rhythmic chaos and contemplative ambiance to create a vivid Afro-futuristic hallucination. He creates his own beats from an amalgamation of samples and live manipulation with drum machines and audio effects, to take his listeners on a trip around the sonic universe of experimental jazz, hip hop, funk and electronica. 



NorthernDraw has curated the monthly event called ThirstyCity for the past 4 years; showcasing local beat/rap acts, many from the West Coast and also from around the world. His music and selections showcase funky collages mirrored with abstract rare loops, accented with punchy drums and tripped out vocals. He has collaborated with the likes of devonwho, Fountaine, Omari Jazz, Maze Karoma, Roane Namuh plus many more. He also runs the ThirstyCity label which has released beat savants Studenets, Thoto Leing, and more.



Lisa Vazquez is a lab rat, beat nerd, multi instrumentalist, and vocalist. Lisa Vazquez creates intoxicating layered rhythms and vocals both live and in the studio. Lisa has performed at Soundset 2019, a long running Midwest hip hop festival and has represented Akai at NAMM.




Auvie Sinclair (aka Mikey Smith) is a Portland, OR via Everett, WA-based artist focused on providing a positive yet simplistic message through music. Auvie’s latest release “Float!” weaves in and out of funk, boom bap, and more experimental genres effortlessly. Some of his influences include Cameo, Gorillaz, Madlib and J Dilla, as well as sounds from influential labels Brainfeeder and Hyperdub.



Ms.Elle is a Afro Latino hip hop artist based in Portland, OR. Rooted in a love for funk and jazz, Ms.Elle sheds light on her journey of finding herself in her 20's while experimenting with melodic wordplay. After years of performing in New York City, Ms.Elle strives to solidify herself within the growing hip hop community in Portland. 




Kokio (Cristian Moreno) is a Portland-based, 17 year old electronic music producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has performed and studied all styles from Punk, Alt- Rock, Soul, Jazz and credits his love of searching for samples, vinyl hunting and transcribing to artists like J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Teebs. His music has been featured on DJ Complexion Future Beats Radio show, The Most Radicalist, Soulection Radio, Urban Outfitters playlist, Foreign Familiar, Night Swim Radio and more.



King Time 33 1/3 is a long time supporter of Portland hip hop culture and a veteran DJ. He owns and runs Future Shock Records, a record store, art gallery, designer toy and apparel store located at 1914 E Burnside in Portland, Oregon. Future Shock is dedicated to providing its customers with an audio and visually stimulating experience. 


Community Partners



Going strong for four years, ThirstyCity events showcase beat/rap acts from Portland, the West Coast, and from around the world. ThirstyCity is also a record label which has released tapes by beat savants Studenets, Thoto Leing, and more.



Friends of Noise is a non-profit, educational, all-ages organization. Its mission is to provide safer and productive spaces for all-ages concerts, focused arts education, and leadership opportunities for youth with a focus on providing marginalized youth and youth of color access to performative creative expression.


Future Shock Records, a record store, art gallery, designer toy and apparel store located at 1914 E Burnside in Portland, Oregon. Future Shock is dedicated to providing its customers with an audio and visually stimulating experience. 



XRAY FM (91.1 FM / 107.1 FM) is a Portland-based mixed-format progressive, independent radio station which broadcasts progressive talk radio, cultural programs, and music of a wide variety of genres played by its disc jockeys. It is also home to DJ Klyph’s ‘Welcome To The Neighborhood’ radio show (Saturdays 8-10pm) and the Klyph Notes podcast.